To achieve our vision, we need:
  • Facilities, in particular a permanent  international standard high performance centre; talent identification centres and community clubs
  • Specialised equipment
  • To find reliable sponsors and investors to help fund our programme for the future
  • Phillipi centre, Located at Philippi East Indoor Centre, Philippi East = Our High Performance Centre and recreational groups.
  • Mitchell’s Plain centre is located at the Portlands Indoor Centre, Portlands. = Talent identification group, beginners and Levels.
  • Blouberg Centre is located at the Grace Baptist Church, Ringwood Drive, Parklands, (opposite new International School), and is for tiny tots, beginners, intermediate and levels.
Specialised equipment
Most of the required specialised equipment for the facilities in the Western Cape has already been purchased using funds from the NLDTF.
At present we rely on donations because we have focused on previously disadvantaged communities where we cannot generate sufficient income from fees.
Our needs are:
  • to become financially self-sustainable
  • to maintain the current programme in the Western Cape
We realise becoming self-sustaining will take time and effort. However, at the same time we are committed to maintaining our standard of service and excellence in the communities.
We have created a blueprint for transformation and upliftment through the vehicle of sport, in this case, gymnastics. This programme is unique; it is a programme focusing not only on community social involvement, but also on excellence; a programme which offers hope and opportunities to youngsters in previously disadvantaged communities.
WHPAGO has shown that it is possible to transform vision into reality. We have a proven track record, are accountable; have the expertise, the passion and the drive to succeed. We are totally committed and believe in what we are doing as demonstrated by the growth and achievements of our programme in the face of many challenges.
We are determined to become financially self-sustaining. We are similarly determined to continue operating in previously disadvantaged areas, offering those youngsters the opportunity of developing their talent.

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